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  • Decoding the Brindle: An Extensive Exploration of the Unique Coat Patterns in Dogs

    Decoding the Brindle: An Extensive Exploration of the Unique Coat Patterns in Dogs

    Dogs come in a fascinating array of coat colours and patterns, with each breed showcasing its own distinctive features. The brindle pattern is one of the most intriguing coat patterns observed in dogs. Brindle refers to a unique coat colouration characterized by a mix of dark and lighter stripes. This article will explore the world…

  • Things to Ponder Before You Buy Best Dog Crates

    Things to Ponder Before You Buy Best Dog Crates

    Dogs are the most loyal beings. You can hate every animal, but dogs, never. Based on nature’s rules, dogs are den animals. If you get a puppy home, you may need to keep it in the dog crates for some time to ensure its safety.

  • Dental Care For Dogs

    Dental Care For Dogs

    Some people don’t realize that dental hygiene is as important for dogs as it is for human beings. Just like in people, dogs’ teeth can gather plaque after eating.

  • Dog Training: The 5 Important Considerations You Should Know When Using A Training Collar

    The basic dog training collar goes by many names, including choke collar, choke chain, training collar, correction collar and slip collar. These training collars are among the most popular and most commonly used tools with both amateur and professional dog trainers.

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breed Profile

    History The title of “King Charles Spaniel” was bestowed upon these dogs during the reign of King Charles II, who adored his spaniels and would not be parted from them. A law that was passed by King Charles II, still stands today that these little dogs can enter any public place, including the houses of…

  • History of Dogs or Maybe Wolves?

    History of Dogs or Maybe Wolves?

    Do you know that the adorable little puppy you bought home last week could possibly be a descendent of a wolf? It may well be true! In fact, many theorists believe that wolf is the direct ancestors of domestic dog.

  • Is It Safe To Buy Pet Meds Online?

    Thanks to modern technology consumers now have the choice of buying medications for their pets online. But is it safe? The FDA has often warned consumers about buying prescription medications online. The good news is buying medication for your pets online is very safe. When you buy pet medications online, you get the same quality…

  • Leashing a Cat

    Shadow had been the cat in our house for over seven years when we moved from the country into town. His usual lifestyle including roaming our five acres whenever he wished. Moving to town required him to be a “house” cat, and he managed for two months. Then one Friday morning as I left for work, he…

  • Our Mission Statement

    Take in dogs, from area kill shelters, owner surrenders, others are found on the streets, or any unsafe or unhealthy situations they maybe living in. Giving them all needed emergency care and treatment. Screen them for health and emotional problems, and then arrange treatment. Socialize them with other dogs and people including children. Adopting them…

  • How To Adopt A Dog

    The first step is to go to the section of this website (Dog Pics) and look at the many dogs now ready to adopt, and then call us. Or you may come to one of our adoption events (Go to Calendar section) to find the next one. After choosing your new pet fill out the…