Is It Safe To Buy Pet Meds Online?

Thanks to modern technology consumers now have the choice of buying medications for their pets online. But is it safe? The FDA has often warned consumers about buying prescription medications online. The good news is buying medication for your pets online is very safe. When you buy pet medications online, you get the same quality products from the same manufacturer as the ones you would from your vet’s office. Online vet medicine providers will not provide you with knockoffs that may risk your pet’s health. Rest assured you will get the right medication for your beloved pet as long as you order the correct dosage for your pet’s weight and/or age, etc.

How Can I Make Sure I Engage In A Legitimate Transaction?

To make sure you buy legitimate medications, first make sure you buy from a site that offers a secure Internet connection. First, let us give you a brief education on how to make sure any site you are shopping on offers you security for your transactions. You should see a small gold padlock in the status bar of your browser (usually on the bottom). If the gold padlock is open the page is not encrypted.

If the gold padlock is closed that means the sight has 128 bit encryption which means that it offers the highest level of protection offered for all your Internet communications, including credit card use and other financial transactions. It is important to note that the only place the locked padlock is important is on the page where you are entering your credit card or bank information. It does not have to appear on every page of the website.

What Are The Benefits

There are many benefits to buying pet meds online. Many pet owners consider their beloved animal their baby. Why would you want to take your baby to an office full of other sick babies if you don’t have to? Most vet waiting rooms are filled with sick animals or nervous, anxious pets. Anyone who has ever taken an animal to the vet understands the stress of the car ride and going into the facility itself is usually not a pleasant experience for most pets. This environment can cause your pet undue stress and anxiety. Fortunately you can stay home with your pet and order almost anything you need from your PC.

Most pet parents lead busy lives. It can become burdensome making frequent trips back and forth to the vet’s office to fill prescriptions. Fortunately online ordering eliminates this hassle. You’ll save valuable time and money. And if you have more than one pet (which most households do) you will save even more money ordering products in bulk.

Other benefits include

  1. Order from the convenience of your home.
  2. Order at a lower cost than you might get at your veterinary office.
  3. Get automatic refills set up.
  4. Save money on medications you order frequently.
  5. Track your order online.

What do I need to tell my vet?

Buying flea and tick meds are pretty much a no brainer and do not require an actual prescription. However, buying things like arthritis medications and pain relievers online do require a prescription. Reputable websites that sell medications will check with your pet’s veterinarian to ensure you have the proper prescription — which is a good thing! You should always consult with your pet’s veterinarian before buying prescription pet meds online. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do to ensure you are taking the best possible care of your animal! Not doing so could put your pet’s health at risk.

Some veterinarians may express fears that your pet’s medication will not be filled correctly if you order online. This is not the case. You should simply explain to your vet that the added convenience and cost savings makes online ordering the best choice for your family. Most vets would have a hard time arguing that cost savings aren’t worth it especially when you are getting the exact same name brand products that they offer at their offices – without the mark up.

Most online pet medication vendors will fill your pets prescription the same day you order it. This means you can have your order shipped overnight if you need to have the medication right away.

What Information Will I Need?

To fill your pet’s prescription online you will need to have some information available including your pet’s weight, age, a copy of your pet’ prescription, your name, address and method of payment handy. Many providers will also ask for your veterinarian’s address and phone number. Keep in mind however that in many cases you will not need a prescription for instance if you are purchasing flea and tick medications such as Advantage, Frontline, etc.

Most companies will contact your pet’s veterinarian to confirm that they have your information correct. In some cases you may have the choice of mailing in your pet’s prescription order.

In summary, if you are in the market for quality pet products and medications online pharmacies are definitely the way to go. You’ll save yourself a ton of time, money and effort ordering your pets medicines online!